About Holistic Industries

Holistic Industries offer a comprehensive security offering, covering all facets of security, including patrol, electronic security, & security for crowd control, retail, construction, industrial and residential.

Hunter businesses can now access all the security and training services they require to help their business thrive through one point of contact.

Our Services

Holistic Labour Hire

The owners of Holistic have extensive experience in the hospitality and security industries and have worked in other areas including construction and fitness. They have professional connections with trainers and industry leaders in these and many other fields.

Holistic Aviation

Holistic Aviation is a supplier of integrated security solutions to the aviation industry.

The Australian Aviation Industry faces the threat of terrorism. The severity of this threat revealed itself in the 2017 attempt to smuggle explosives onto an Etihad flight leaving Sydney Airport.

Holistic Aviation is working with Australia’s Aviation Industry to secure critical infrastructure via the provision of cutting edge checkpoint security solutions. Our aim is to improve security outcomes whilst maximising the operational efficiencies that should come with upgrades in security infrastructure.

Balanced Security Solutions

Balance Security Solutions works in conjunction with the local police.

Our security team works with your local police to ensure your premises remain safe. There’s no downtime between trespassing and alerting the authorities – we’re committed to acting fast and efficiently